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Synopsis: In Post-apocalyptic Britain two Zombies stumble across the same corpse, with unexpected results.


"A slickly produced, visceral short with a deliciously disgusting twist."

- John Lynch, Festival Director, CineFringe Film Festival.

Screenings and awards: Best Horror/Sci-Fi (Audience Choice) Beverly Hills Shorts Fest 2012, Best of the Fest 2011 5 Lamps Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival 2012, New Film Makers LA, Edinburgh Cinefringe Festival 2012, European Short Film Festival at Massachusettes Institute  of Technology 2012, iD Fest 2012, Fantastic Films Fest 2012, iShorts Prague, Kino Shorts Manchester, Bang! Short Film Festival, Cardboard Cinema Club, The Co-Operative Film Festival 2013, The Crypt Film Festival 2013, Cinema Fanatstique 2013

Cast: Marc Pickering, Georgina Strawson, James Dean

DoP: Sara Dean

Producer: Russell Noon

Writers: Adam Horton, Joe Horton


​With Chomp! our goal was to push our directing abilities further than ever before. We wanted to create something that was more emotionally engaging than our previous work and welcomed the challenge of telling a story that starts with a certain tone and mood but concludes in an entirely different manner.

It was great fun for us to sit in anonymity amongst festival audiences and hear the loud and boisterous reaction that the film has typically received. The film is anchored by two brilliant central performances and the high end production values each department brought to the film that allowed us to achieve a standard far beyond our budget. 



Synopsis:A failing actor with the ability to communicate with the dead sets up a corrupt 'ghost walk' business.

"A truly cinematic experience... Lyrical and irreverently witty."

-Jamie Greco, Senior Programmer, Raindance Film Festival

Screenings and nominations: Best UK Short (nominee) Raindance 2011, iShorts Prague, Short & Sweet Toronto, Life & Death Matters Festival Colorado, 5 Lamps Film Festival


Cast: Rik Mayall, Eric Lampaert, Elisabeth Dermot-Walsh, Isaac Tendler

Producer: Blair Barnette, Joe Walker

DoP: Sara Deane

Written by: Adam Horton, Joe Horton, Joe Walker

Funded by the UK Film Council through Derby QUAD art centre this was an ambitious script that allowed us to create an original world with a dark, fairytale edge inspired by the poetry of Roald Dahl, Tim Burton & Edgar Allen-Poe. We purposefully avoided going down the social-realist route as, at the time, we felt that type of film was dominating the output amongst regional film making talent. This was our opportunity to stand out from the pack and be true to our instincts as film makers.

It gave us the opportunity to not only work with fresh comedic talent in the form of Eric Lampaert but also to direct alternative comedy pioneer Rik Mayall, who arrived at our VO session not only armed with detailed and well considered prep notes but also an awe-inspiring sense of enthusiasm and energy.


Cast:Warren Brown, John Hannah, Anna Skellern, Kieran O'Connor, Steve Smith

Screenings at over 20 film festivals including: BFI London Film Festival, LA Shorts International Film Festival, Holly Shorts LA, Limelight Film Awards (Best Horror/Sci-Fi Winner), London Short Film Festival (Best Horror/Sci Fi nominee), Manchester International Film Festival, Telluride Horror Fest, Reel Shorts Canada


Producer: Andy Ryder

DoP: Sara Deane

Writers: Adam Horton, Joe Horton, Simon Uttley

This post-apocalyptic action-satire is by far our biggest and most ambitious project yet. We are currently developing both feature and TV series treatments based on the film's concept and characters.


After fielding several offers from various companies 'GET SOME" has now been optioned as a TV series and is currently being pitched. Watch this space!


​Synopsis: Ahmed and Mildred become fast friends when they notice they’re both carrying action figures of the same crime-fighting superhero duo. When Ahmed loses his beloved toy, friendship and fate lead Mildred to ensure he gets it back.


Screenings & Awards: Toronto International Kids Film Festival (TIFF), Chicago International Kids Film FestivalIrish Film Institute Family Film Festival, Play Film Festival Lisbon, Reel Shorts Canada, Free Fall Award (nominated) at Limelight Film Awards, New Wave Short Film Festival, Milwaukee International Film Festival


Producer: Viggo Belgvad

DoP: Sara Deane

Writers: Konnie Huq, Adam Horton, Joe Horton

A conscious change of style and pace frome our previous dark comedy offerings, this uplifting short film is a celebration of the importnace of child-like imagination and a positive representation of multi-cultural London.


It was written by Konnie Huq, best known for her writing work on Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror epiosde 15 Million Merits, as well as her TV presenting work on the likes of Blue Peter. The Horton's then decided to add in an element of animation to bring a sense of heightened reality to the piece.

The film was financed by Film London.


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